Tristan Finch, CVT
Head Technician

Background: I grew up on the North Shore and Graduated from North Shore Community College with my associates degree in Veterinary Technology in 2008. I have worked with animals since I was 20 years old and at HWVH since 2009. I am the head technician who assists Dr Pett in surgeries, I assist both the doctors with outpatient appointments, and I also manage the inventory. I enjoy ophthalmology, radiology, and dentistry cases. I have a lot of patience for scared and anxious patients and clients tell me my calm demeanor often helps settle their pets when they come in.

Animals at home: I currently have one cat and live on a horse farm where I care for the horses after hours. I make sure they’re all set for the night before turning off the lights.

Why do you like working with people who care about their animals? They don't complain ...