Celia Gelpey

Background: I am a student at Essex Technical High School in the veterinary science program. I look forward to continuing my education in this field through college as I aspire to be a veterinarian for the U.S. Military.

First Pet: My first pet was a tiny long haired Dachshund named Heidi- who, having been 9 when I was born, loved me until I reached an age of tail pulling (I don't do that anymore I promise).

Animals in My Life: I have a great love for the wonderful animals my school keeps on campus, including a silki chicken and a skink named kobo whom I have a deep affection for. At home I have 2 Bulldogs, Belle and Bruno. I also have a textile Guinea pig named Scruffy, who is the true head of the household.

What can people learn from animals: Animals can teach us unconditional love and happiness. They are by our side without question each and every day, only looking for ways to brighten our days and never ask for anything in return. They love us despite the language and physical barriers we face- a trait humanity should most certainly inherit.