Julia Lobel, CVT
Hospital Manager

Background: I am an graduate of Essex Aggie and North Shore Community College. I am dual certified as a registered nurse and a certified veterinary technician. Managing the hospital here combines the best of all worlds: my love for animals, medicine, and business... Mostly the work I do here is the behind the scenes managerial work, but I keep an eye on everything and I'm not afraid to put my tech skills to use when things get busy! I live with my husband Andrew, and help him run his tree service... We are both proud "Aggie" alums. I sit on the advisory committee for the veterinary technology program for the new Essex Tech, and volunteer with student development events. We have a big extended family which includes 7 nieces and nephews, who we adore, and have a lot of fun keeping active with, and entertaining!

Animals at home: Andrew and I share our home with our rescued pets, a black lab - Louie, a miniature white poodle - Lambchop and a handsome tiger cat named Grizzly!

Why do you like working with people who care about their animals? Animals can bring out the best in people! They teach us about compassion, unconditional love and a friendship that is like no other.