Douglas Pelletier
Veterinary Technician

Background: I am currently enrolled in the Vet Tech program at Penn Foster college. I have three prior years experience at another veterinary clinic and many volunteer hours at shelters and fundraisers.

First Pet: I was very young when I got my first pets and do not remember a lot about them. They were two tortie females named Mocha and Chip that we adopted from a shelter. Mocha ran away (or so I was told) and Chip lived a long happy life into her older years.

Animals at Home or in Your Life: My father has two Chocolate Labs, a female named Sadie and a male named Tucker, who have been in my life since 2006. My girlfriend and I also rescued a black and white pit bull in 2013 named Sampson. He has helped change negative views of the breed in the minds everyone he meets and I could not ask for a better pup!

Why Do You Like Working With People Who Care About Their Animals? Every person I've met that cares for animals is a down to earth, nice person. It takes a special kind of person with a big heart to work in this field and learning each individual's story and why they do what they do is a unique opportunity.

What can people learn from animals: Our lives can be hectic or difficult at times and having a furry companion by your side can always help you get through it. They remind you to live in the moment and enjoy the simple things in life. Plus there is no better feeling than coming home to wagging tails!