Services Offered

From urgent care appointments to scheduled visits for check-ups and scheduled vaccinations, we are ready to help you provide the best possible health care for all stages of your pet’s life. Our services include:

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
Wellness Exams
New puppy/kitten exams
In- house lab diagnostics
International Health Certificates
Cranial Cruciate Repair
Digital Radiography
Dental Care
International microchipping/scanning
Preventative Medicine
Prescription Diets
Senior Wellness Program
Senior Health Care
Pain Management
End of life issues

Adopt a Pet
Our goal at the Hamilton-Wenham Veterinary Hospital is to improve the quality of life of each of our patients and to strengthen and prolong the bond shared between our patients and their guardians. We offer a warm, compassionate, and home-like environment where your pet will feel at ease.