Hospital Tour

Welcome to the Hamilton Wenham Veterinary Hospital!
The hospital is located in quaint downtown Hamilton, which boasts quintessential New England charm.
Ample parking is available in the adjoining parking lot.

You and your pets will feel at home in the cozy lobby. For pets that prefer not to socialize with other animals, there is a side-entrance that leads directly into an exam room.

Stress minimization is emphasized in the exam rooms. Non-slip mats are placed on the exam tables and on the floors. The rooms are stocked with plenty of treats to make the visit a rewarding experience for your pet! The hospital staff are trained in low-stress handling techniques to reduce fear/anxiety that your pet may feel toward the veterinary office visit.

For patients that require urgent treatment, in-house blood analyzers allow us to run and interpret blood work within minutes. The in-house pharmacy is stocked with a wide array of medications, parasite preventives, and therapeutic diets.

This space is primarily used for surgical preparation and for performing dentistry. The digital dental radiography unit takes high-quality x-ray images of the oral cavity, allowing for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of dental disease.

We are equipped to perform a variety of surgical procedures, including spay/neuter, mass removal, and gastrointestinal surgery. Orthopedic procedures (such as ACL repair) are performed by a traveling board-certified surgical specialist.

The digital radiography system allows us to efficiently process x-ray images of the skeleton and internal organs. All x-ray images are sent to board-certified radiologists for expert analysis.